Web SDK users do not appear in webinar participant/attendee list and cannot raise hands

I have 2 web SDK non-panelist attendees viewing a webinar. They’re adding to the participant and attendee counts, when I view the participants with the host’s desktop Zoom app. But their names don’t appear.

Also, when I click “raise hand” on either of the attendees, nothing appears on the host’s desktop Zoom app.

I remember this wasn’t the behavior about a month ago. Was this a stealth fix to prevent the host from allowing web SDK attendees to speak?


We too are seeing this issue. Please advise when it will be fixed.

Same issue here.

The problem only appears when attendees join with websdk.
We had also problems to unmute attendees, option was clickable but did nothing.

BUGS like this are not expected. Since the feature shows on the screen and yet it does nothing!

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Hey @webinar-test, @Real_Intel, @odrilon,

Strange, do you see any errors in the browser console?