Web Video Stream failed after rejoin from mobile

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Video SDK Type and Version
Video SDK 1.3.0 and 1.3.3

Video stream from web are failed if web side not reload after disconnected

Mobile side can’t receive video stream after connection in the app get force closed.

Troubleshooting Routes
Upgrade sdk from 1.3.0 to 1.3.3

How To Reproduce

  • web receive a teleconsultation using zoom from the user using mobile

  • teleconsultation run great

  • user are having internet problem and disconnect (replicate by intentionally force close the app in mobile phone)

  • when the user rejoins again :
    a. if we were using old sdk (1.3.0) then the user app will always force closed (unintentionally)

b. if we were using upgraded sdk (1.3.3) then the user app will not receive video streaming from the web. the user app can only receive video streaming from the web if in the web side reload the page.

This only happens in ios, tested in ios 15.6, screenshots attached.

Hey @yohakim.samponu , happy to help.

Can you please share steps to reproduce as it relates to the SDK functions?

Also, what browser are you using, and are there any browser console errors?

And lastly is the issue happening on the Web Video SDK or iOS video SDK?

Screenshots would be helpful, thanks!