Webhook Endpoint suddenly changed and not working

I’ve been using Incoming webhook to send messages to a certain chat room channel.

Today, I created a new connection in my new chat room typing [/inc connect mychanneltname] and I got the message including the endpoint and token as usual.

The endpoint created includes the url like this
A : “integrations[dot]zoom[dot]us/chat/webhooks/incomingwebhook/{HereMyEndpointID}”

this doesn’t work. I got “500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR”

The endpoint I currently use in different channel is working find and it includes

B : “//inbots[dot]zoom[dot]us/incoming/hook/{HereMyEndpointID}”
*I removed the first https part intentionally

As you see the url is different.

I manually changed the first part of A to “inbots.zoom.us/incoming/hook” instead of “integrations.zoom.us/chat/webhooks/incomingwebhook
and it worked perfectly.

Which one is the correct endpoint?? how come I received the not working endpoint info from Webhook App?
Please let us know the correct way to get an endpoint.

Thank you

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Hi @ak9595
Thanks for reaching out to us.
have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end or are you still having issues receiving webhook events?

Thanks for your reply.

I manually changed the first part of A to “inbots.zoom.us/incoming/hook” instead of “[integrations.zoom.us/chat/webhooks/incomingwebhook ]

this is working OK so I keep using the one I manually changed.


Thanks for the update @ak9595
Let us know if there is anything we could do for you moving forward

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