Webhook Endpoint Unresponsive

Hi, I have recently implemented the Server to Server OAuth API as the JWT one has deprecated. There’s a required webhook validation to be implemented as I needed the events to integrate with my application.

However, there have been 2 instances (Saturday 9pm) whereby I received an email from Zoom saying that my API endpoint is unresponsive.

I checked on my AWS logs and didn’t discover any issues or incoming requests. I went to the Zoom Platform and manually trigger the Validate and it shows the green word Validated.

So, I’m wondering why did it said that the endpoint is unresponsive?

Hi @ray.wong
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
When you received the email saying that your endpoint was unresponsive, were you still getting events in your endpoint? or did it also stop getting events?

Here is a link to our Docs about the Webhook URL revalidation

Hi Elisa, I stop getting events for at least 9 hours, before it worked again, without any change on my end. That’s what made me curious what happened.

Interesting @ray.wong
Can you please document this issue if it happens again and save some logs for me and share them with me please?

It just happened again. I received an email at 9:04pm saying the endpoint is unreachable.
I immediately went to my AWS logs and saw there was a request at 9:03pm and there was a valid response sent out.

I also went to the Zoom App dashboard and saw the warning there, saying it failed one time. I clicked on the Validate button and it got validated. My AWS log also showed end point send out a valid response, similar to the one at 9:03pm.

This is really confusing. Why did Zoom say that is unresponsive when clearly there is a response?

I noticed a similar issue a week or two ago with the WebSockets implementation where for an entire day or two I received zero events and then all of a sudden it just started to work again. I never posted anything about it because WebSockets are marked as “Beta” so I figured it would be some sort of changes you were making on your end, but clearly there was an issue with both WebHooks and WebSockets implementations on Zoom’s side.

Tested with POSTman AND my own C# implementation of WebSockets. Also, at the time, I had also checked your API status page and everything showed operational.

Hi @ctc.aaron
Thanks for reaching out to us.
I believe there was a shortage on some on WebSockets

This is interesting @ray.wong
Even with this warning, were you getting events?

Yes it did continue sending events this time, Elisa

Hi @ray.wong
Thanks for confirming this. Could you please keep an eye on this and if it happens again, could you grab screenshots for me so I can create a ticket for my Engineering team?

I’m not sure what is wrong with the webhooks.

I just received a notification saying

Event Subscription Disabled

We have disabled your event subscription feature. See “What to do next” for solutions.|

I immediately login to the the Zoom App and click on the validate button and it got validated.
This is extremely frustrating when my API endpoint is running and working and I got to constantly be doing this validation manually.

Hi @ray.wong
I will send you a private message to request more information about your app and account and I will create an internal ticket on your behalf to look into this further

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