New webhook endpoint verified but events are not being sent

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I’m trying to set up a new webhook endpoint for the new verification, and I was able to verify it, but no events are being sent. Events are still being sent to the old endpoint, but the new one has only ever received the verification events. We’ve been using a JWT app for our API requests, so I set up a new server-to-server OAuth app (and I’ve switched over to using it to make API calls in our sandbox, which works fine), turned on webhooks there, set up the webhook, enabled the one event I need, and verified the endpoint, but still, nothing is being sent.

Does it matter that the old JWT app is also still there and has webhooks turned on?


How To Reproduce
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3. Any errors

@kyle.kinney the old app shouldnt have any effect on the new one. Can you make sure that you are following this step: ?

Yes, I definitely validated the endpoint. I’d post a screenshot, but I apparently don’t have permission yet. But there’s a green checkmark and everything.

That said, we actually have two environments that I’ve told it to send events to, and the ones going to dev seem to be working fine; it’s just QA that isn’t getting anything. The settings are, as far as I can tell, identical except for the URL.

Actually, wait, as of about 10 minutes ago, we’re suddenly seeing messages on QA too. I guess when I validated the endpoint I hit the validate button but not the save button, and it actually remembered that I had validated but didn’t turn on, and then when I went back just now to get a screenshot, I did hit the save button and now it’s working?