Webhook Integration: Load-Balancing, Event Scheduling, and Email Triggers

Have developed two WebHook Only Apps in Zoom Marketplace: one for trying to call the Zoom ID that is NOT being used currently (out of, say 5), and the second to help users
“Add event to Calendar” after registering for it, as well as to get an email reminder 1 hour before the event. Struggling to understand how to test them out in terms of integration into a WordPress site. Also trying to understand if we can take the calendar that’s integrated into Zoom and use that to send email triggers 1 hour before an event.

Don’t know how to connect WordPress Admin to Zoom Webhook: where does the JSON Code snippet go? How do I test this?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Webhook Only App.

Hi @kt1,

Since we’ve already been in touch about this over at developersupport@zoom.us, I will continue the conversation there.


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