Webhook is missing registrant_id

We recently moved some meetings from our main account to a subaccount. When we created the sub-accounts, we did go through and ensure the settings were the same for both the sub account and the zoom apps enabling the api/webhooks. And we’ve noticed registrant ID missing on meetings scheduled before the switch and after the switch.

For a little more detail, we specifically care about the registrant ID being returned from joining/leaving breakout room webhook events. We still see the registrant ID being sent from webhook events for joining/leaving/admitted to meeting events, just not the breakout room events. We are getting an empty string.

For reference, here’s the patient part of the payload we received from the left breakout room event before and after moving to the subaccount (some information removed)


{"id": "3ffB5rANSQ-2Tz0iAyqZgg", "email": "[**removed**](**removed**)", "user_id": "167802882022-12-09 03:13:57:000", "user_name": "**removed**", "leave_time": "2022-12-09T03:57:58Z", "leave_reason": "left the meeting. Reason : left the meeting", "registrant_id": "3ffB5rANSQ-2Tz0iAyqZgg", "parent_user_id": "16863232"}


{"id": "9xCbFPZvQzKVS90jgqloCg", "email": "[**removed**](mailto:**removed**)", "user_id": "167905282022-12-10 18:55:45:000", "user_name": "**removed**", "leave_time": "2022-12-10T22:08:38Z", "leave_reason": "left the meeting. Reason : left the meeting", "registrant_id": "", "parent_user_id": "17203200"}

Your API documentation indicates that the registrant_id should be returned so this appears to be a bug. Can you please confirm? If there is a specific setting that we are missing for breakout room events can you please point us in the right direction. We do not see any field that allows us to configure what is returned from the event. Just a field to enable the webhook events for breakout rooms.

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Hi @mapolob ,

It needs to be investigated more. Can you please open a ticket with our developer support?