Webhook notification not receiving via server-server auth app

I have created server-server-auth app named “Medgre” in my account.

I have enabled webhook feature and also validated the endpoint but still I am not able to get my notification on this endpoint.


a. can you see if you are receiving other events on your endpoint? You can try by sending a POST request to your endpoint.

b. Do you receive the events initially, but then stop receiving them after 3 days? If yes, then you need to make sure your endpoint is able to revalidate itself again. Zoom sends these events every 72 hours

Hello Ojus,

I have noticed when I am scheduling meeting with Non-license user via API then I am not receiving Webhook

@medgre are these users from the same account?

Yes, We have created users via API.
Api Action:custCreate and type of user: Basic (1)

@ojus.zoom Please let me know about the above issue

We may need to investigate this.

I will DM you to request you for further details