Webhooks recording_completed Event download_token


I can’t find an answer in the documentation so I figured I’d ask here.

What is the “download_token” string in webhook events of type “recording_completed” used for ?


Hi Aloe Engineering, 

The download_token is the token used to download the recording. Without it, you won’t be able to download. 



Can you provide a bit more detail here?

From what I can tell, if the cloud recording is publicly available then you can just fetch the file using the download_url in the payload.

If the cloud recording is not publicly shared, then what are we supposed to do with the download_token? My hunch of adding it as a query param to the download url didn’t work.


Hi Michael,

The v2 REST API endpoint that retrieves cloud recordings does not include the download_token along w/ the download_url and play_url.

How can we access a download_url that requires a download_token from the v2 REST API ?


Hi @Aloe_Engineering,

Right now it’s best to use our Marketplace webhooks and not our v2 Webhooks as they will be deprecated in the near future. There you won’t need to use a download token to access the download_url.



Hi Ryan

Yes adding it as a query param works, <download_url>?access_token=<download_token>.