Webinar registration webhook not firing if webinar is already in progress

Good Morning,

Using Zapier for my webhooks.
Noticed through some trial and testing that registration webhooks do not fire or send data anywhere if the meeting is already in progress. If my host launches the meeting and starts it… but then someone comes along and registers, then joins, it won’t get the registration data. Only the attendee webhook fires.

I’m using the event “webinar registration has been created” through the app marketplace on zoom:
App Marketplace (zoom.us)

Hi @Risoedus ,

I can reproduce this. Let me check in with our open API team to see if this is unexpected behavior.

Thank you for sharing this.


Awesome, thank you for doing that.

Hello @gianni.zoom - any updates? Thank you.

Hi @Risoedus so sorry I missed this! It is still unclear from an internal response I received, but I’ve just followed up.

Hi @Risoedus ,

So here’s what we’ve found with testing a live webinar:

  1. If it is set to “Automatically Approve”, no registration webhook will be sent.
  2. If it is “Manually Approve”, it will send the registration webhook.

Which registration type was your webinar set to?

This is not by intentional design so our engineers are looking into it further for a possible future Webhooks update.


Hi @gianni.zoom

Thank you for getting back to use. We’re doing the Automatically Approve.
Understood on it not being intentional, so we’ll look forward to a future update to correct this.
Glad to at least know it wasn’t just me and could be fixed someday soon.

Thank you!!

Thank you for identifying this behavior and contributing to our updates! It’s very helpful.