Zapier webhook not working when webinar registration is through Clickfunnels

I integrated Clickfunnels with Zoom via API so that anyone who fills out a clickfunnels registration page will get added as a webinar registrant. I then created a Zapier Webhook that catches zoom webhooks for when someone has registered to a webinar. However, it doesn’t work as expected. When I use the Zoom registration url, the webinar registration event is passed over to Zapier via the Webhook. However, when I use the registration page in Clickfunnels, I do get added as a webinar registrant in zoom, but the webinar registration event does not get passed over to Zapier. Can you please let me know what needs to be done to fix this?

The structure you made to track the data looks awesome. Will try the same and let you know if it works for me…

Hi @todd,

How is your webhook setup? Are you using the webhooks within marketplace or If marketplace which app are you using so that we can take a closer look?


Hi Michael.

Here’s how our setup works:

  • I have a registration page in Clickfunnels that I have integrated with Zoom via API. When someone fills out that registration form, they get added as a webinar registrant in Zoom.
  • I have two Zaps that catch a webhook and I put those Zapier webhook URLs as the Event notification endpoint URL in each of the two Zoom apps I created. I created the apps in are both Account-level apps:
  1. Webhook only
  2. JWT API Credentials
    I subscribed to events: 1)Webinar registration has been created and 2)Participant/Host joined webinar.

I played around with these two apps by enabling just the Webinar registration created event subscription in the Webhook only app, and then checked if that worked, and then did the same with the JWT app. I also tried enabling both event subscriptions in each one separately, and then in both of them simultaneously. Basically, I tried all combinations to see which one will work. I even tried the ‘Webinar registration has been approved’ event notification (webinar is set to autoapprove registrants).

There’s no problem with the Participant/Host joined webinar event notifications. They get picked up by zapier. The problem is the webinar registration event. When I register directly using the zoom webinar registration url, the event is successfully sent over to Zapier. But when I use the Clickfunnels registration page, I get added as a webinar registrant in Zoom but the event does not get sent over to Zapier.

I have disconnected and reconnected the Clickfunnels integration with Zoom hoping that would make a difference but I still have the same problem.

I hope this helps. Let me know what other info you need.

Edit: I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the error, but I checked the API Call logs and I see that this is the Endpoint: I know Zoom is on v2 now but I’m not sure how I can achieve that as an endpoint since this is an integration that is built in in Clickfunnels and not something that I hardcoded.

Hi there. Any updates on this? Thank you.

Hi, is there update on this? We are facing same issue.

Hey @wh-dc,

Can you please provide specific details of your issue and steps to reproduce?