Webinar report is absent after webinar is ended

A webinar with webinarId 923 4550 2653 was created on May 29th, it was started and there was a record to the cloud till the end of the webinar, however:

  1. there is no possibility to get past instances of that webinar (/past_webinars/:webinarId/instances gives me an empty list).

  2. /report/webinars/:webinarId gives me error 3001 “Meeting does not exist” with both webinar id and webinar UUID,

  3. it does not show up on the Webinar attendee report page so there is no possibility to use the “Generate CSV Report” button;

  4. there is a recording of that event available on the Zoom webpage in the “Recordings” section which means that this webinar definitely happened.

We were able to reproduce it with a couple of other newly created webinars the same day, however, this flow worked today with new webinars.
We are also aware of the delays that might happen before generating a webinar report as in this topic posted earlier, however, there are no changes with this webinar 5 days later, so it does not look like a delay.

Could you please take a look at this and give any details if it was a one-day glitch or it may repeat and is there any way to get that missing data? Thanks in advance.

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