'Meeting does not exist' error when meeting exists

Hi! We try to get webinar details and webinar participants through report endpoints (you can find it in sections below) and get {code=3001, message=Meeting does not exist: {id}.} | statusCode 404 when we know for sure that this webinar exists.
We have 2 different cases with this error:

  1. When we get WebinarEnded webhook event. I think in this case it’s obvious that this meeting exists.
  2. When we want to fetch data for a future scheduled webinar. In this case, I can share webinar id to provide more info: ***********

Why do we get this error fo existing webinars? Is there any way how to get webinar data for sure?

errorRes ZoomErrorResponse{code=3001, message=Meeting does not exist: {id}.} | statusCode 404

Which Endpoint/s?

Feel free to ask for additional info. Knowing the reason is very important for us.

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hi @hsintegration this error could be returned for two different cases:

  1. There may be a time delay on the webinar ending and the report being available. The report data will need time to process, and it may not be immediately available if you are listening for the Webinar Ended event to request a report.
  1. Reports are only available for webinars/meetings which have already occurred. We’re not able to give details or participant reports for webinars which have been scheduled. Instead, use the Get Webinar API to get details on an upcoming webinar.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply! It explains a lot.
Maybe there is any way how to know when report (especially participants, because we had situations when we fetch report but there is no participants however we know for sure that they were present in webinar) is finally available for us to fetch?

And one more thing: aren’t you considering an option to change error message in case when report is unavailable due to time delays? Because as it’s very confusing to get this message after Webinar Ended webhook.

Sorry for the confusion with the error message @hsintegration, we’ll add it to our list of improvements :+1: I can’t commit to a time, as we have a long list of priorities, but we’ll do our best to prioritize!

Thank you @michael.zoom for adding change of error message to your list of improvement :+1:

But one my question is still open. We had integration that sync participants of the webinar and our customers rely on this, so maybe there is any way(workaround) how to know when a report is available for us to fetch?

Hey @hsintegration,

May I ask how many participants were in the Webinar? If there was just one participant (host) it could throw the “Meeting does not exist” error.


Hi @tommy,

We see lot’s of webinars with real participants (not only host) across different accounts that return empty or incomplete list of participants and some time later on the participant report is correct.

The problem is the endpoint provides misleading results and is inconsistent. For example, whenever I get 10 participants, it is not guaranteed that it won’t become 20 participants in a minute or an hour.

We sync participants on webinar ended webhook event to our dashboard and customers rely on it. Lot’s of participants are missing because of the delay.

Is there anyway we can ensure the list of participants is complete?

Maybe there is an SLA on max delay? If there is one, we can postpone participants request.

Thank you!

Hi @hsintegration just as a reference, what’s the estimated time of inconsistency that you’re experiencing? What’s the length of time between when the meeting ends and you requesting reports? Just trying to understand whether this is a logging service issue or an API issue.

For some context, we’re working on a rearchitecture that should help on these delays, but don’t have a committed timeline for the release.

Hi @michael.zoom,

We request participants report right after we receive webinar ended event from Zoom, so I’d say the delay between webinar ends and report request is a matter of seconds.

Overall, the issue seems to be random. Most of the times we get a complete list of participants, but sometimes it is not. Also, the more participants, the higher the chance to hit the problem.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide some average delay between webinar ends and the participants report is complete.

I wonder whether the participants_count in webinar details report is accurate (right after webinar ends)? If so, we can retry until the actual number of participants (in participants report) is equal to participants_count. Could you advise?

Thank you!

Hey @hsintegration,

I have asked our engineering team when the participant list should be complete after the webinar ends. I will provide you with an update once I have one. (ZOOM-170800)


Hey @hsintegration

After speaking with engineering they said that during peak usage the participants count could take a few minutes to process.


I have the same workflow that I’m trying to accomplish with webhooks. I too have to import participants for meetings and webinars. I was previously using the /meeting/{instanceId}/participants endpoint to get participants but that didn’t contain join/leave time so I switched to using /report/meetings/{instanceId}/participants so I can get those date time values.

I’m testing the webhook today, I got a request for a meeting that I’m interested in retrieving participants for and got the same error. It was, however, a meeting with one participant because it was my own test meeting. @tommy were you able to confirm that having one participant returns this error?

Also, what do you recommend for a workflow to handle the situation where there is some delay between the webhook being called with the meeting ended event and the report being ready? Is there some other endpoint to call to get participants with: name, email and join/leave times?


Hey @jeffatpresence,

Correct, if only the host is in the meeting, Zoom does not count the meeting as an actual meeting.

If you experience the delay, I suggest queuing your request for a later time, say 15 minutes later and call the Get Participant Report endpoint.


Hi, my meeting got over on Saturday, and Im trying to get the participant metrics on sunday:
All other Zoom APIs are working for my meetingId, except this.

but Im getting error,
“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist:{meetingId}.”

My Get Participants APIs stopped working, All the time I am getting Meeting not exists. From yesterday I am getting this message. What could be the issue.

i have the same problem