Webinar.started is fired right after host open webinar when practice_session = true

( Account-level app - JWT credentials)

The webinar.started event is fired right after host open the webinar when practice_session = true, and it should happen only when the host clicks on “Start Webinar”.

No error

API Endpoint/s?
Not endpoint, only subscribed to webinar.started and webinar.ended events.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Create a new Webinar, type = 5 and settings practice_session: true.
2. Join as host to the webinar.
3. Start Webinar by clicking on “Start Webinar”.

Expected result: Receive the webinar.started event only when the host actually clicks on “Start Webinar”

Actual result: The webinar.started event is fired right after the host opens the webinar.

Additional context

Hi @pathable-dev ,

Our documentation doesn’t explicitly state that it will not fire for practice_session = true. Can you please share what you referenced, or if this is new behavior?

Happy to look into this further to confirm expected behavior.


I couldn’t find it on the documentation either but doesn’t sound correct receive the webinar.started event when actually the webinar didn’t start yet isn’t it?

Exists another way to detect if the webinar actually started?

Hi @gianni.zoom,
any info about how to detect when the webinar actually started (when the Host clicks on “Starts webinar” button?)

Hey @pathable-dev
Hope you are having a great day! I am happy to jump here and help you out with this!
So basically when a practice session is started, the webinar starts and this is by design.
The webinar.started webhook only indicates that the webinar has been started and the practice session triggers that event.

Feel free to make a feature request here:


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