What Features are Available in the Zoom Windows SDK?

Hello everyone,

I am currently exploring the Zoom Windows SDK for my project and I’m curious about the features that are available. I would appreciate any help or information that the community can provide.

Specifically, I’m wondering what features are available in the Zoom Windows SDK. Are there any unique features or capabilities that I should be aware of when using this SDK?

If anyone has experience with the Zoom Windows SDK and can provide any insights, I would be grateful for your help. Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @stephenharry120 ,

Thank you for your post, and excited to see your interest in the Video SDK for Windows! You can see a list of available features in our documentation, under the ‘add features’ section :slight_smile:


Hi, Rehema, Thank You for your kind assistance. I’ll definitely check your documentations.
: )

Some of the features available in the Zoom Windows SDK include:

  1. Video Conferencing: The SDK allows you to integrate video conferencing capabilities, such as joining a meeting, starting a meeting, and managing audio and video settings.
  2. Screen Sharing: The SDK also supports screen sharing, which allows users to share their desktop, application window, or whiteboard during a meeting.
  3. Chat: The SDK supports chat functionality, allowing users to send messages to other meeting participants during a meeting.
  4. Recording: The SDK also provides support for recording meetings, which can be saved to a local file or uploaded to the cloud.
  5. Webinar Support: Additionally, the SDK supports webinar functionality, allowing users to host and attend webinars.
  6. Virtual Backgrounds: Another feature available in the Zoom Windows SDK is virtual backgrounds, which allows users to change their background during a meeting.
  7. Zoom Rooms: The SDK also provides support for Zoom Rooms, which are physical conference rooms that are equipped with Zoom video conferencing hardware.