What "Join Audio by Computer" popup is based on?

When I join Zoom meeting through WEB SDK I can see a popup “Join Audio by Computer”.

I know that sometimes users don’t see it.
I want to understand in what case Zoom won’t show that message.

And one more question.
I can see that the video button can have “img-stop-video” or “img-start-video” class (1.7.8 version).

But sometimes it has “img-disallow-camera” class. I’ve tried to deny camera usage in the browser but it still has “img-start-video” class.
In what cases it will have “img-disallow-camera”?


Hey @alex.rypun,

There are a few scenarios at play here:

  1. If the site is not being served over https, the start video button will not work.
  2. If you are hiding/showing certain audio options

Can I ask what you are trying to do so I can give some more suggestions?

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi, @tommy. Thanks for the reply.
The site is served over https, Audio Type - Telephone and Computer Audio.
Most times there is a button “Join Audio by Computer” and the video button has “img-stop-video” or “img-start-video” class. But sometimes the described above situation happens. I can see it in my logs, but can’t reproduce. That’s why I’m asking.
May it depends on device type or something?

I figured out that the button has “img-disallow-camera” class in case the device doesn’t have a camera. But still confused about “Join Audio by Computer.” absence.

Hey @alex.rypun,

Happy to hear you are on the right track to figuring this out.

Yes, the join by audio depends on what browser you are joining from. You can see the browser compatibility here:


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