When making Req on ZOOM API. Req been canceled from Zoom Server without sending a Response


We are using Zoom API ( Meeting ).
Recently when we make req for Zoom-API, The Req is beeing canceled from the Zoom Server side before process the Response to the Req.
Due to that we are getting errors from our side, when calling on Zoom API. This isssue happen most of time when we try to fetch data from API.

# Error
httpcore.RemoteProtocolError: Server disconnected without sending a response

Is there any Reason for this kind of situation?

Thank You.

@ProdZoom Can you please provide us with steps to reproduce this issue?

From our end we make req on below Endpoit. When making requestes we make 8 concurret req on Zoom API side. Then we are getting this Server disconnected without sending a response issue.

# EndPoint
'https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/' + meet_uuid + '/participants?page_size=300'

Does this happen when you are calling through your code or even with apps like postman? If you haven’t tried it can you try it once?

Didn’t try it with postman. I update to code to make less concurrent req on Zoom, need to check it also.
I will check both ways and let you know.