Where can I get the username value that matches the username in the transcript file?

Where can I get the username value that matches the username in the transcript file?

i’m trying to map speaker user from transcript data to user objects using user.firstname user.last_name or the meeting API host key and it works for most of the meetings. But noticed a case where speaker username from transcript file does not match any user attributes. what the attribute is called and where it can be found? example: brucewayne

here’s a sample text data from transcript file.

00:11:40.080 --> 00:11:58.660
brucewayne: some transcript text data goes here.

related meeting API response:

{'uuid': '<uuid>',
    'id': '<meeting_id>',
    'topic': 'Topic name',
    'host': 'Bruce Wayne',
    'email': 'bruce.wayne@company.com',
    'user_type': 'Licensed',
    'start_time': '2022-12-16T20:30:22Z',
    'end_time': '2022-12-16T20:55:06Z',
    'duration': '24:44',
    'participants': 3,
    'has_pstn': False,
    'has_archiving': False,
    'has_voip': True,
    'has_3rd_party_audio': False,
    'has_video': True,
    'has_screen_share': False,
    'has_recording': True,
    'has_sip': False,
    'dept': 'Dept Name',
    'audio_quality': 'good',
    'video_quality': 'good',
    'has_manual_captions': False,
    'has_automated_captions': False

Tried making GET request to user detailed API, hoping to get the username field but couldn’t find any keys matching this value brucewayne

        "id": "LQ-moo5mFMv7Fv5PIDg",
        "first_name": "Bruce",
        "last_name": "Wayne",
        "display_name": "Bruce Wayne | Company",
        "email": "bruce.wayne@company.com",
        "type": 2,
        "role_name": "Member",
        "pmi": 456633,
        "use_pmi": false,
        "user_created_at": "2022-03-15T23:35:32Z"

@elisa.zoom what user attribute could it be?

@donte.zoom @will.zoom any comments on this?

Hi @shaship , good catch! The username value is not present in our API. Perhaps it is a meeting specific display name? Can you check with GET past meeting participants? Cross reference the participants.name value with the username value you see in the transcript.

@gianni.zoom thank you so much for your reply, Using the participants API, I was able to get the list of users. I would like to map the host user with the user in the participants list and get the participant.name value. However, user_id present in User API response GET users/user@company.com is not matching with user id (id) present in past meetings API response while attribute description is same in both places. ( Universally unique identifier of the Participant. It is the same as the User ID of the participant if the participant joins the meeting by logging into Zoom)

Hi @shaship ,

Can you please message me a screenshot example of the two endpoint responses with the discrepancies highlighted so I can take a closer look at the fields you’re evaluating?


@gianni.zoom sure, here’s an example:

User API:

Past meeting participants API response:

attribute id values are not matching even though it’s the same user.

Thanks for much. Since you are able to query for this user, I am assuming they are a part of your Zoom account, but I noticed that in the past meeting participants API response, their email returns blank. Could you clarify the status of the participant/user’s relationship to your account?

@gianni.zoom Please let me know if you need any additional information. I shared meeting details over message.

Yes I responded to you. Thanks @shaship !

thank you, shared the required information over message :slight_smile:

@gianni.zoom I wanted to check if you had a chance to verify that the user_id values belong to the same attribute. thanks again.

@shaship , just responded to you for next steps!

@gianni.zoom replied with the details, thanks for your help.

Closing this since user details were not populated in the transcript file as the user wasn’t logged in during the meeting, thank you so much for your help @gianni.zoom .