Why zoom returns not found response on downloading audio file from record.completed event

Hello Zoom Team,

I see very frequent (not always) issue that zoom returns “Page not found” for resources from parameter download_url in recording.completed event.

Let me describe the issue:
My application listen to events about completed recording, as soon as the event is received the app downloads audio file by mentioned url in download_url and starts analyzing. But frequently zoom just returns “not found page” (like for example fake url https://zoom.us/recording/download/Qv1mcuggHVhf-jmhWRGUdN1b2V1sBSVX11MKGdYPgVGcmca665iL) with 200 response code (why not 404 ?).
When I try to download files after some period it goes OK, so the url is correct but looks like in time of event triggered there is no resource available by this url.

Looks like as some un-synchronization or glitch in zoom api system. As well, why API returns 200 HTTP status code for resources not found? Please use 404 http status code for not found resources.

Could you please fix the issue with API and unavailability of resources after event is triggered.


Hi @romanio,

Would you be able to provide us the meeting IDs and the recording IDs at developersupport@zoom.us so that we can take a closer look at the logs?


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

Actually I don’t have meeting id or recording to provide. What I found that library that I use to download the file has some small timeout, so I increased it. As soon as I have meeting id I will provide here.

What about second part of question? Why zoom doesn’t return 404 status code for unavailable resource?


Hi @romanio,

The API should return a 404 status for no resources found. We’ll try to duplicate the error on our end and see why its showing up 200 instead.