Working fine in local but while deploying into server it is not working

I developed zoom integration in my web application. Which was working fine in local environment while moving to server it stopped working (couldn’t create a zoom meeting programmatically )so i had applied for domain verification to your market team but they rejected it thrice as it was a testing server. I have also attached the doc. So also i have various testing environment . Shall i have to validate every domain before going life. As i have to move to production so i have to test in the staging server in a priority basis . Please help me in urgent basis.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum Support. Great question, domain validation is not required prior to going live. While in the development phase, you should be able to continue testing as needed. Alternatively, you can submit a **PlaceHolder URL, which is a soft redirect that serves as a replacement for a “hard” redirect and is used where the destination is another website (production environment). Here is our Domain validation help documentation for your reference :

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