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[I tried reposting for clarification but was told by the system that I can no longer post a reply to this thread. Please forgive any confusion.]

For information, the section “1.2 Prohibition on Sharing” in Zoom’s Terms of Service did not exist until March 31, 2023. This particular change was made without notice (admitted by Zoom’s own “support”), against previous versions of Terms of Service:

Zoom will exercise commercially reasonable business efforts to provide notice to You of any material changes to this Agreement.

(I assume that e-mails to users are “commercially reasonable business efforts”.)

The above sentence itself has been removed without notice to users.

Note also the “assignment” was permitted in the previous Terms of Service

Sharing of Host subscriptions with anyone other than the individual assigned to be a Host is strictly prohibited.

as well as in the “Services Description” (even the present version!)

A Host subscription may not be shared or used by anyone other than the individual assigned to be a Host.

(emphases by me) which is also referred to from the Terms of Service, though the former sentence has also been removed without notice.

None of the Zoom employees themselves I’ve communicated were aware of those changes of words without notice; some of them even made false statements about their own previous Terms of Service.