Your URLs are not authorizing correctly

I facing an issue while adding the app on Marketplace like redirect URL is not authorizing correctly. What is the reason for that. And what does that mean?
How to create a redirect URL?
Is Git URL is same as Redirect URL?
Could you please help me to create redirect URL for normal and dev case?

Hi @anees ,

A redirect URL is where the user is sent after they have authenticated with Zoom. It’s crucial for OAuth 2.0 flow, which is the authorization framework that enables third-party applications to obtain limited access to a user’s Zoom account without sharing passwords.

You can use tools such as ngrok to create your redirect URLs. They are not similar to GIT urls.

Here is a sample OAuth app that makes an API call to the users endpoint: GitHub - zoom/zoom-oauth-sample-app: Sample Zoom Oauth App NodeJS app to call Zoom's APIs

I have created the Redirect URL from ngrok and there is an issue faced like couldn’t validate the domain because of " Redirect URL for OAuth (Production)" . How to handle this?
Could you please help me ?

Can you show some screenshots of your issue?
This is the URL that I have entered as Redirect URL. So I got this issue like

what is the problem in it?

could you help me to create a redirect URL?

It seems like you are encountering difficulties with adding an app on a marketplace, particularly with the authorization of the redirect URL. Let’s break down your questions:

  1. Reason for Authorization Issues:
    Authorization issues with redirect URLs can arise due to various reasons. Commonly, it’s related to mismatched URLs, improper configuration, or security settings. Ensure that the redirect URL specified in your app configuration matches the one you’ve set up on the marketplace’s developer portal.

  2. Meaning of Redirect URL:
    The redirect URL is the endpoint where the user is sent after they have granted permission to your app. It’s a crucial part of the OAuth process, ensuring that sensitive information is securely passed back to your application after user authorization.

  3. Creating a Redirect URL:
    To create a redirect URL, you need to specify a valid URL in your app’s settings that will receive the authorization response. It’s typically where your application is hosted, followed by a route or path that handles the OAuth callback.
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