Your URLs are not authorizing correctly

I facing an issue while adding the app on Marketplace like redirect URL is not authorizing correctly. What is the reason for that. And what does that mean?
How to create a redirect URL?
Is Git URL is same as Redirect URL?
Could you please help me to create redirect URL for normal and dev case?

Hi @anees ,

A redirect URL is where the user is sent after they have authenticated with Zoom. It’s crucial for OAuth 2.0 flow, which is the authorization framework that enables third-party applications to obtain limited access to a user’s Zoom account without sharing passwords.

You can use tools such as ngrok to create your redirect URLs. They are not similar to GIT urls.

Here is a sample OAuth app that makes an API call to the users endpoint: GitHub - zoom/zoom-oauth-sample-app: Sample Zoom Oauth App NodeJS app to call Zoom's APIs

I have created the Redirect URL from ngrok and there is an issue faced like couldn’t validate the domain because of " Redirect URL for OAuth (Production)" . How to handle this?
Could you please help me ?

Can you show some screenshots of your issue?
This is the URL that I have entered as Redirect URL. So I got this issue like

what is the problem in it?

could you help me to create a redirect URL?