ZCC - Recording Event - Video and Voice Clarity


I need to clarify if the contact_center.recording_completed event is triggered by both Video and Voice recording types.

According to the Webhook documentation:


And the GET /contact_center/recordings endpoint, both types are allowed.

Can I please get confirmation on this?

Thank you.

Hi @charlr
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Allow me some time to look into this and will come back with an update for you

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Thank you for looking into this. Do you perhaps have an update?

Thank you.

Hi @charlr
Thanks for your patience here!
I heard back from our Engineering team and currently, contact_center.recording_completed webhook supports only voice recording.

Thank you @elisa.zoom. I will log a feature request as I believe this will be helpful to us and many others in our sector.

Have a great day!

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