Zoom Account Level App Issue

Greetings, we are using zoom api to automate the procedure of users registering to our webinars. We have created an account level app as we need admin privedges for some api calls (getting attendee information etc.). We have another account e,g webinars@abc.com on which webinars are created. But when we try to add users in that specific webinar the api call returns an error code 3001 no such meeting. According to our dev team the problem is because the app is not created on webinars@abc.com but even if we do we cannot give it admin roles. What can be the possible workaround to fix this, how can I make the webinars created on webinars@abc.com available on the main admin account? Thanks

Hello @mimran when I look up webinars@abc.com I do not see a relating Zoom Account, can you confirm the email address provided or is this just a placeholder to not provide an email address?

Regards, Kwaku

It was just a placeholder.

Hello @mimran , Can you send more detailed information to integration.testers@zoom.us so we can try and help resolve your issue.

Regards, Kwaku

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