Zoom API Authentication For Unattended Background Windows Service

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I want to integrate Zoom API calls in (.NET) unattended background windows service but currently, Zoom API only provides OAuth to call the “send message” feature. OAuth requires a redirect URL and user interaction. (which is not fully automated authentication)

Describe the solution you’d like
Please allow all Zoom API calls to work with JWT. So we may even configure a background service to authenticate itself without user interaction. With this, an app may regenerate/refresh tokens automatically (as configured by the developer)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Provide an alternative method to get an authentication token. e.g. Username/Pasword etc.

Additional context
Consider a scenario where we have a windows service running on the company’s server and it is monitoring system health, database issues, file system etc.
When it finds an issue it sends me an email to notify me about the issue details.
Now in some cases I also want it to send me a short Zoom message.
Also, it may send daily system statistics, pending tasks, upcoming events etc.
In short, we want our app to send system messages, reports, files etc, just like ‘noreply@company.com’ sends system-generated emails.

Hi @will.zoom
We have discussed this with you in a meeting few weeks ago. Is this something Zoom team is considering to include in future releases?