Zoom App - Scopes Not Updating

We have modified the scopes on our test app (removed sub account related scopes) and they aren’t reflecting on the authorization screen. Since we are in the state that allows us to test the app externally, do we need to update the publishable url to reflect the changes?

We aren’t getting any sort of error, but rather we’re not seeing the removed scopes reflected on the authorization screen.

Which App?
This is for both Webinars and Meetings.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
We’re wondering if we just need to create a new publishable url or something to update the app. All the changes to the scope were changes, and no longer show the sub account scopes when looking at the app.

Hey @ccruz,

Can you please try regenerating the publishable url and reinstalling the app using that new URL? I believe this may be all you need to do.

Let me know—thanks!

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