Zoom Authentication returns AUTHRET_UNKNOWN

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Windows Meeting SDK with C# Wrapper, v5.17.2

We distribute a WPF application that utilizes the Zoom Meeting SDK. On startup of the application we initialize the SDK, then authenticate.

On occasion, especially after upgrading SDK versions, we have devices that fail to authenticate until restart.

We are trying to understand why Zoom authentication fails on occasion for certain devices. The error code we get is AUTHRET_UNKNOWN, which I’ve seen on here as an indication of a bad JWT. We have made changes to add some buffer to the ISS and EXP time, but still sometimes get the error.

I’m hoping that we could share some SDK logs to what is going on so that we can increase reliability of our production devices

AUTHRET_UNKNOWN returned when attempting to authenticate with the SDK

@john.markley did you managed to capture the logs when this happens?

@chunsiong.zoom Apologies for the delay, I did on a pre-production device, however it was not domain-joined, so it may have been a time server issue. We’ve enabled logging for our production devices so if it happens again I’ll be sure to reach out.

If possible for someone to check these logs to verify it was a bad JWT, or something else, that would be great. I’m unable to upload the text files to the forums though.

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