Zoom URI scheme to start a IM on Zoom apps

I found that the article which mentions Zoom apps URI schemes in order to join and start a meeting by apps on Windows and iOS.

-Zoom URI Scheme

Additionally I’d like to know URI schemes in order to start a IM by apps. Because my client wants to show their links on their contact list which was made by their web system to contact using IM on Zoom apps instantly.

Do you think you could let me know same scheme in order to start a IM by apps on Windows and iOS?

Hey @CTCSPZoomteam,

Yes this is possible, however we have not published the docs yet.

Here are the details:

A chatbot web page can provide a URL deep-link to the 1:1 app channel
for a specific user account, for a specific app. This mechanism can be used by
chatbots to automatically forward a user to the Zoom client after a Chatbot
is installed on the web.

URL format:

https://zoom.us/launch/chat?jid={ robot_robot_jid_here }


The Deep link URL to a 1:1 app channel has this functionality:

After the user invokes the URL in the web browser:

If the user is not logged into the Zoom web portal as a Zoom user,
the user is prompted to login to the Zoom web.

Then the browser asks the user whether to open the Zoom app.

If the user clicks on the Open zoom.us.app button:

The Zoom Client launches and gains focus

If the user is currently logged into the Zoom client as a user
different than the Zoom user that was logged into the web, the Zoom
client asks the user to switch to the same account that is logged
into the web.

If the 1:1 app channel does not appear in the recent channel list of
the client, the 1:1 app channel will be added to the recent

Then focus will move to that channel.



Thanks for your information. We tested URL format which you sent in order to open chat on Zoom apps instantly. As a result we could open it successfully but there was an error message on Windows unexpectedly(Please find an attached file).

URI format we tested was following. 9154476073 is PID of contact person.

Do you think you could let us know to remove error message?


[Resent]URL format which we tested was “https://zoom.us/launch/chat?jid=9154476073”.

Hey @CTCSPZoomteam,

As of now we only support opening a Zoom Chatbot Channel, here are the recently published docs: