Zoom Desktop App Window Titles


Currently when using Zoom in “dual-screen” mode two windows are spawned with the same window title and window class name. The application I am working on allows users to specify which monitor they would like a window to appear. We identify windows various ways but the two most important being window title and/or window class name. Right now we cannot tell which window is which due to the identical window titles and class names meaning we can only arbitrarily assign the screen a Zoom window should be displayed on.

Would it be possible to either change one of the two windows titles or class names to make the windows distinguishable?

A solution that would work great for us would be appending “Video” the title of the second window spawned when the dual-screen setting.


Hi @rhepclr,

I have received your request and will be responding to it soon.



Thanks for the response Ojus. Looking forward to hearing your teams thoughts on this issue.



Hi @rhepclr,

Thank you for reaching out to Zoom Developer Support Forum.

The below screenshots are the titles of the windows spawned during the “dual screen mode”. As you can see, both of them have different titles.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Is there something else that you were referring to that I was not able to understand correctly? You can send over some screenshots to elaborate your use case in detail so that I can provide you with specific recommendations.



Hi Ojus,

I am having a different experience when opening Zoom in dual screen mode on Windows 10. When I hover my mouse over the main Zoom window the appears as it does in your screen shot but soon as the cursor loses focus the window title changes to just Zoom. Here are some example images:

The top part of the image shows the window titles when I am not hovering my cursor over the Zoom main window while the bottom shows the window titles when I am.

I hope this providers some clarity into the issue I am experiencing. When the bottom control bar is visible I get the “Zoom Meeting ID: XXX” title for the window but when it is not in focus I only get the title “Zoom”.




Hi Ryan,

I am currently investigating this issue, and I will get back to you with an update on this as soon as possible.