New Developer Feature/Enhancement Requests

Feature request: API Call to Dial-out from a Zoom meeting to an H.323/SIP endpoint (2)
Ability to control notifications to alternative hosts (3)
Video Background Blur (2)
Add ability to share powerpoint presentations without presenter notes (2)
Embeddable Livestream Players (3)
Enable auto screen off (Device Operation Time) for non CEC enabled projectors or TVs (4)
No Email Address in 'Participant Joined Webinar' Event (3)
Confusing "End meeting" message in the client for meetings ended with an API call (2)
Automatic chat translations (2)
Zoom feedback and Meeting API - no participant mail address in the API response (4)
View Upcoming Meetings in Dashboard (2)
Non-repeating automatic breakout rooms (3)
Integrate chat history into Outlook (3)
Mass update users (2)