Zoom join via link: shows additional steps

I am joining meeting using invitation link but can’t able to join directly. It shows an additional step that chrome alert box.
I want to join meeting in one click when I hit the link.

Can’t able to skip this step of choosing between zoom and browser image shared below

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. Install zoom in local system
  2. Run this url in chrome browser

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
Is there any universal link which can start zoom with any interruption just clicking the link we got.

Hey @aakashp,

This is currently the expected flow. You can check the “Always allow zoom.us to open links of this type in the associated app” to bypass the popup in the future. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy

Thank you for the update.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


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