Zoom "Joining Fail" No Matter What We Try

At least once a week now, all our clients and ourselves no matter what meeting ID we use, no matter what configuration, every type of account type, hundreds of different meetings and webinars really … all experience an error that looks like this (from Zoom’s own sample app, to confirm it’s not something wrong with our implementation):


See screenshot above, and here’s the log output:

errorCode: 1
errorMessage: "Joining fail"
method: "join"
result: null
status: false

Which version?

All versions, 1.7.7, 1.7.6, 1.7.5

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Every single device we try, mobile/desktop, Chrome/Firefox/Safari, everything. We can’t find a device that works, we don’t think this is device specific.

Additional context
We are losing customers every single week because of Zoom. We have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of licenses for Zoom through our customers because we recommend the platform. This is absolutely horrendous and unacceptable, and it happens weekly. Even things like randomly disabling Q&A and more, just outrageous. We need some sort of an explanation about what is going on at Zoom, and we are actively working to migrate all our customers and future ones off Zoom but in the meantime we need this resolved.

@tommy @Michael_Purnell Please don’t tell us to send you meeting IDs and you’ll investigate further, we’ve been down that so many times already. We need a real explanation, this is beyond frustrating.

Hi @rahul2,

Can you provide the marketplace developer email & meeting IDs that are causing the error? We’ve noticed that majority of the errors comes from invalid Meeting/Webinar IDs or deleted ones.


@Michael_Purnell I wish that was true, but we have generated so many new meeting and webinar IDs and we have at least a hundred different customers which were using the platform just fine but then at a moment’s notice for all of them (literally tens of thousands of attendees) the platform just wouldn’t connect any longer. This is something much deeper than any particular meeting or webinar IDs. I can’t even provide you with the meeting IDs causing the error, because there are hundreds of them. You can see one of many sample ones we tried in the screenshot I posted above.

Sent you a direct message with the developer email.

Thanks Michael

Sorry, can’t figure out how to send you a direct message for some reason. How I can privately send you additional details?

Hey @rahul2,

Thanks for sending the issue to developersupport@zoom.us, we will assist you there.


Same problem here.
ZoomMtg.join fails with {method: “join”, status: false, result: null, errorMessage: “Joining fail”, errorCode: 1}

Hey @ferdinando,

Please see my post here:


I have tried the with proper key, but it shows joining fail, my team expecting to integrate zoom ASAP,
Please help me to complete the zoom integration.