Zoom meeting apps working fine but zoom video sdk not working sometime

Video SDK Type and Version
Android, iOS and Web- 1.10.0

We have integrated Zoom Video SDK across all platforms to provide video consultation to clients. During our testing phase, it worked well and no issues were found. But sometimes clients face connectivity issues and they can do the consultation using Zoom meetings. How does it differ from the video SDK? The same code is working well most of the time.

Zoom dashboard is showing as “Patient got disconnected from the meeting. Reason: Network connection error.” However we were able to successfully connect to this user just before this issue came. Some users do not even connect to the session and no logs are available on the Zoom dashboard. We are facing the same issue across all platforms and we are not able to reproduce the issues at our end.

Attaching session ids we are faced issues:

  1. GMePEYcnftVZUM0baavu1703582709137
  2. zWfY7qB1OWMoRqiAnFGh1703742042082

Hey @gireesh.ks

Thanks for your feedback.

It seems that the session ID you provided is not the Video SDK’s session ID. Could you provide the approximate times for both sessions?

If the issue occurred on the web platform, you can integrate our client-side telemetry. This will help us more effectively assist you in troubleshooting the issue.


Session IDs and durations are added below

AvKMSvzmTOWxN0+t1YFCWg== 00:26 - One Participant not able to connect

jYQ7/0mdSsic2jW0y8Wzaw== 03:31 - Patient got disconnected from the meeting. Reason: Network connection error.

But at the same time users can do the video call using Zoom meeting app.

Attached one screenshot, the black box is the self video and it was not enabled at the time when the issue occurred. We have checked all permissions and connected to the successful session with the same device just before this issue

Hi Vic,
any update on this?

Hey @gireesh.ks

Sorry for the late reply.


Only one participant joined, and the session was very short. There isn’t enough information to analyze whether the participant left due to network issues.


The user did not join the session with the web, but based on the connection information, it appears that there are some issues with the user’s network.

For the screenshot, is the screenshot you provided from an Android App instead of the browser?