Zoom Meeting Event Details Missing/Not getting populated even after ending the meeting

I’ve installed the Salesforce / Zoom Integration. I can successfully schedule a meeting using the schedule a meeting button provided

Within the Event Detail Page, Zoom will display meeting details such as: participant list, participant count, meeting duration, and recording information in the visual force page, based on the documentation I’ve read [doc link], other fields should update once the meeting host has ended the meeting .
I’m ending the meeting and refreshing my event detail page but still there are fields that are not updating at all.

PMI for Scheduled Meeting - tried by both enabling & disabling this setting, but no luck


There are fields that aren’t updating once the meeting has ended.
On the Zoom Event object:
-Zoom Status: Remains as open
-Meeting Type: Stays as scheduled
-Participants doesn’t update
-Participant count doesnt update
-Zoom meeting Start Time doesn’t update
-Zoom meeting end Time doesn’t update
-Duration (mins) doesnt update
-Recording URL doesn’t update

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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Additional context
I see similar issue/topic reported twice on this forum but there is no proper solution for that and it’s also closed

@tommy please have a look at this.

Hey @kunduri.prudhvi.raj,

Are you still seeing this issue? The fields should update shortly after. the meeting ends.

Checkout these common threads with solutions:


Please let me know if you are still seeing the issue.


hey @tommy

Thanks for the reply.
I’m still seeing the issue. The fields are not updating after the meeting.
The thread that you have pointed out didn’t help me because there is no similar issue in that thread.

Check out the first 2 questions in the below thread which are similar but don’t have any solution


If you can provide me the solution for the first 2 questions from above thread it would be helpful.

I’m mainly talking about Scheduled Meetings details missing but not about the webinars.


Hey @kunduri.prudhvi.raj,

I am going to send you a private message so I can get your account info that we need to debug this. :slight_smile:


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