Zoom Meeting Id in Salesforce and Zoom are different

I am using the integration package with Salesforce from Appexchange.

I created an event to schedule a zoom meeting from the contact view in Salesforce.The zoom meeting was created in Salesforce and automatically was added in Zoom.

The Zoom Meeting Id displayed in Salesforce is different to the zoom meeting id displayed in Zoom. Is this an error? Please see attach.

However the Join URL displayed in Salesforce includes the same meeting id in both systems.

Hi @MEF,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to take a closer look.

In taking a quick look now, it appears that this meeting was scheduled using your/the admin’s Personal Meeting ID (PMI). This means that the meeting that shows up in the UI will reflect your PMI, but the meeting when scheduled is actually generated under a new ID specific to the instance of the meeting.

This would be expected behavior, but let me know if you still have questions about this!


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