Zoom Meeting SDK in custom UI in webinar, attendees can not see screen sharing bug report

We are your webinar customers, and our customers using your webinar product as well. But we really need your help.

We found a bug in Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows and MacOS, We tested in Zoom Meeting SDK Windows v5.11.4.7235, also tested in the latest Zoom Meeting SDK in MacOS. When we started Zoom Webinar in Custom UI mode, and we started Share Screen, when the attendees join they can not view the screen sharing.
There are 2 ways to solve the problem:
1.The host must stop the Share Screen and start it again, so the attendees can view the screen sharing.
2. Change the attendees to Panelist, so they can view the screen sharing. But it’s impossible to change everyone to Panelist.

But the normal Zoom Meeting is fine without the problem. We checked Zoom Meeting SDK, we want to thank you for your great product. Functions in standard UI works very well. But in Custom UI, there are more problems, especially in Webinar in Custom UI, there are more problems. We really need your help to fix it. Because more and more of our customers using Zoom Webinar. Please also check Zoom Meeting SDK for iOS (for webinar in Custom UI) as well, we mentioned in my previous post, there are also some bugs for iOS. Thanks a lot. May God blesses you and your company.