Zoom on production

i now building a website. I want to create multi zoom meeting with difference meetingid at a same time for people join.
Which plan account should i buy?
And my OAuth API app can access by multi people without my account?
As i understand is 1 OAuth app only access by one account, 1 account only create 10 host with bussiness plan
if i want create 20,30 host meeting at the same time? how ?

Hello Tran,

If I am correct that you want to use the Breakout Room feature, that comes with Basic and higher plans. Allowing you to have a single meeting_id, with multiple breakout rooms for participants.

OAuth apps, once submitted for review and approved by Zoom, can be installed by ANY NUMBER of customers who use Zoom Marketplace.

Depending upon your plan, if you want to create a meeting with 20-30 hosts, you will need to:

  • Pro+ Plan - Buy More Hosts, contact Zoom Sales or your Customer Success Manager
  • Upgrade your plan to one that provides all the hosts you need, please see our pricing page for more details and to get help purchasing the plan/features you need: https://zoom.us/pricing
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Hi @bdeanindy,
thank for reply my topic, i have a question for you? if i don’t want to public my OAuth app to market, i want to only my customer can create meeting zoom, can i?
Because i build an elearning system for my college. i don’t want other people can create meeting except my teacher.
Hope you reply soon

If you are building this for a SPECIFIC person to use in ONLY their Zoom account, then you have two options:

  1. You create an OAuth app, with “Intend to Publish” = TRUE. Then when you’re ready to share the app, on the “Submit” view of your app in Marketplace, you can request a “Publishable URL”. The Publishable URL, once approved by Zoom, can be used to share with your instructor who can use it to install your app in his account.

  2. You create a JWT app using your own account, and then provide the code to your instructor, and he creates the JWT app and uses his own JWT API Keys.