Zoom Phone Create Monitoring Group - Does not respect value of "prompt"

API’s used
Create Monitoring Group
Update Monitoring Group

When using the API above, the value “prompt” can be sent as either true or false which will determine if an audio prompt is heard when a user exercises the privilege of monitoring a call. It is expected that if this value is set to false, when the group is created the audio prompt will be disabled. However, the audio prompt is always enabled after using this endpoint regardless of what the value of “prompt” is set to. This was confirmed to be an error with this endpoint rather than the way the json body is built by using the same json body (without the “type” value which is not used in the PATCH) and the prompt was updated successfully. As a workaround, we can create the monitoring group, then update the prompt value after it’s been created, but this contradicts what the documentation indicates.

No error message is provided, the endpoint provides a 201 success.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Use the endpoint POST /phone/monitoring_groups
  • Create a group including ‘“prompt”: false’ in the JSON body
  • Retrieve the details of the monitoring group via the API and observe that the prompt is incorrectly set to true
  • Use the same ‘“prompt”: false’ with the PATCH /phone/monitoring_groups/{monitoringGroupId} on the new Monitoring Group
  • Retrieve the details of the monitoring group via the API and observe that the prompt is correctly set to false.

This appears to have been reported previously: Create/Update Monitoring group seemingly ignores "Prompt" property.

Any update on the resolution for the Create Monitoring Group endpoint?

Adding onto this, I’ve noticed that if you don’t include the monitoring_privileges in the body, the API seems to treat the call as though monitoring_privileges is in the body but set to null, resulting in all of the privileges being removed.

This can be reproduced using the same method as above

  1. Create a monitoring group and give it Listen, Whisper and Barge privileges
  2. Use the update as referenced above with a body of
  "prompt": false
  1. Observe that the group has now lost the monitoring_privileges previously associated.

This behavior does not match other Zoom API endpoints, where not providing a value will result in the value being unchanged.