Zoom Phone smart embed calling issue

I am using Zoom Phone Smart Embed IFrame to show zoom phone in my application. I get error saying “Something went wrong, Please try again later” . I checked the browser console and found there is /api/v1/integration/phone/embeddablephone/callCtrl/make_call API which is giving 500 error. Users are able to receive calls but while calling from Embed it throws this error.

However, it works for some of the users. Is there anyway I can see logs related to this or does any one know if I am missing any access for the users from admin side?

Hi @akalyan , I am messaging you for more details:

  • email address
  • account id
  • recording of the behavior
  • a couple user id(s)/email for the users for which calls are working and not working

Check your notifications and answer in the direct message.