Zoom Reporting to Microsoft Sentinel

We previously had an azure functions app ingesting zoom reports via a Zoom JWT app, and sending them to our Microsoft Sentinel environment. The function app was setup using the article found here: Zoom Reports (using Azure Functions) connector for Microsoft Sentinel | Microsoft Learn, and requires a ZOOM API Key and Zoom API Secret. It seems that the article still directs users to use the JWT credentials. Because the JWT App was completely deleted, we are having trouble making this work again, and cannot determine whether there is a way to obtain a api key and api secret from zoom that we can apply to the function, or whether we will have to change the function or go down a different path to get the logs into sentinel. We have attempted to create a server-to-server OATH app in zoom but it is only supplying the Client ID and Client Secret. Any things to try or help on how to proceed would be appreciated.

Hi @EnterpriseZoomer
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Yes, the JWT app type was deprecated and there is no way to get an API key and secret anymore.
As we are not the developers of the integration you are leveraging, we do not have a way to assist you here.
Can you please reach out to the Microsoft team about this, since they will need to implement a different logic on their end to be able to grab reports from Zoom using a Server to Server Oauth app

Here is a support article that might help you too

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