Zoom REST API with Free basic account

1- I will be using Zoom API integration on my product which is a commercial product. one of my features is allowing my customer to create a meeting via Zoom (generate meeting link via API). Is there any restriction on that? I will use the Zoom Basic free account. Is that ok with Zoom?

2- I want to use Oauth2, but I don’t want any user on zoom marketplace to use my app, only the users which are subscribed to my product. Is it possible ?

1- As long as you comply with Zoom’s API Terms of Service and usage guidelines, it should be fine to use the Zoom Basic free account to generate meeting links via the API for your commercial product. However, it’s always best to check with Zoom directly to ensure compliance and to ensure you have the correct pricing and licensing.

2- Yes, it is possible to use OAuth2 and limit the usage of your app to only specific users. You can do this by implementing a custom authentication process for your app and only allowing users who have subscribed to your product to access it. Additionally, you can restrict access to your app on the Zoom Marketplace by setting specific permissions and scopes in your app’s configuration. Be sure to consult with Zoom’s documentation and support team for specific guidance on how to set this up.


Thank you for your detailed answer.

Thanks for the detailed answer @anawilliam850 !!