Zoom room "Accept incoming call" setting clarification

We are attempting to “disable” auto-answer capabilities for our zoom rooms when they are called via the Zoom API “join a meeting” call. For our room meeting settings, we currently have " Automatically accept incoming call and far end camera control" DISABLED.

When we invite the room via the “join a meeting” call as specified here:

force accept =false. The room still joins the meeting automatically. How do we prevent this from ocurring (ring the room) - require someone to accept?

Hi @crestall,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

From the API side of things, I believe that the force_accept parameter will only control whether a user will be forced to leave an existing meeting to join the meeting in the Zoom Room. I don’t believe there is a setting from the API to stop the Zoom Room from joining a meeting when called via this endpoint.

However, it’s possible that there are additional settings in the UI that might help for your use case. I would recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team here to see if there are any additional settings in the UI for this—as they’re the experts in this domain.


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