Zoom Room Alerts with V2 Webhook


According to the Marketplace API reference doc there’s a Zoom Rooms Event for Webhooks. The only reference to the event name is zoomroom.alert, then below that it is referenced as zoomroom.alarmed.

When I try to create a webhook with zoomroom_ or zoomroom. the api returns “invalid scope:[“string”]”.

If I try to create a Webhook app using the Marketplace UI and include Zoom Room as an event, I get zero events when I purposefully break Zoom Room related things.

I get the feeling this feature is broken. Anyone happen to have this working?

Quick ammendment to this issue/question

I noticed that when creating a Webhok only app from the market place UI, a verification token is given instead of basic auth, this is great! Except for I don’t see a way to use signature verfication instead of basic auth when using v2 hooks via the API. Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be any documentation explainin how signature verification works, though I suppose if I could generate some data it //might// be obvious.

In short, I would love some clear documentation/guidance on how I can 1.) Get webhooks to do something, specifically with the Zoom Room Alerts (and Meeting issues). 2.) understand if there’s a way to do signature verification when creating a webhook via the API. 3.) use webhooks created via the UI instead of API (because they support varification. Any webhook “app” I create in the marketplace won’t trigger (regardless of event type selected)

Additional update

meeting_issue(s) also produces an invalid_scope error


Hey Matt,

Sorry for the late reply. This post fell through the cracks somehow, that shouldn’t happen and I’m sorry.

Webhooks can be slightly confusing and we know that, we hope to beef up the documentation in the neat future, but, until then, we just recently changed how you can do webhooks on the marketplace. If you go to marketplace.zoom.us and create a new app you have the option to “not publish” the app. Once you tell us that you aren’t interested in publishing the app you will see a webhook only option.

Can you try creating one of these “apps” and let me know if it works better for you?


Hey Tim, no worries these things happen :). I had already tried that, but can try again and echo back. Previously, when creating a webhook app from the marketplace, the app wouldn’t send any data at all; mothing comes in on my webhook server and nothign appears in teh webhook log in the marketplace.


I’m experiencing the same trouble trying to get the webhook to send any data at all. I was temporarily able to get it to work but even then the webhook logs on the marketplace site show “no data”.


Hi @Zoom_Ingester,

The webhook call logs within marketplace are for the legacy webhooks from the developer.zoom.us. We are looking to include the new marketplace webhooks in the call log for our February release.