Zoom Room Alerts with V2 Webhook


According to the Marketplace API reference doc there’s a Zoom Rooms Event for Webhooks. The only reference to the event name is zoomroom.alert, then below that it is referenced as zoomroom.alarmed.

When I try to create a webhook with zoomroom_ or zoomroom. the api returns “invalid scope:[“string”]”.

If I try to create a Webhook app using the Marketplace UI and include Zoom Room as an event, I get zero events when I purposefully break Zoom Room related things.

I get the feeling this feature is broken. Anyone happen to have this working?

Quick ammendment to this issue/question

I noticed that when creating a Webhok only app from the market place UI, a verification token is given instead of basic auth, this is great! Except for I don’t see a way to use signature verfication instead of basic auth when using v2 hooks via the API. Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be any documentation explainin how signature verification works, though I suppose if I could generate some data it //might// be obvious.

In short, I would love some clear documentation/guidance on how I can 1.) Get webhooks to do something, specifically with the Zoom Room Alerts (and Meeting issues). 2.) understand if there’s a way to do signature verification when creating a webhook via the API. 3.) use webhooks created via the UI instead of API (because they support varification. Any webhook “app” I create in the marketplace won’t trigger (regardless of event type selected)

Additional update

meeting_issue(s) also produces an invalid_scope error