Zoom Room Error : supportEmail has not been verified


When I use

if I pass the 'support_email' parameter I get an error "supportEmail has not been verified"

The email has been verified previously while manually adding it to a room.
How do I verify the email in order to use it in a script ?


Hi @EVant ,

If you have verified the support email correctly, please open a support ticket with the following info:

  • accountId
  • Steps taken to verify support email
  • The full API request/response you sent and received
  • A link to this post

Service engineering will be able to look into this further.


How do I verify the email?

@EVant , you said you have verified the email if your initial email post lol, but when you GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/rooms/account_profile, does the “support_email” field match what you were expecting?

Reference: Zoom API