How to transfer participants from waiting room to live room ZOOM API

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Hello there I want to ask if there is a feature in ZOOM API where I can call to transfer people from waiting room to a live room the reason is that to avoid unwanted participants

for example:
ParticipantA = allowed
ParticipantB = allowed
ParticipantC = not allowed
ParticipantD = allowed

I want participantB not to enter the live room the other reason is to avoid allowed participants to invite people that are no invited and I want to make the admission of the allowed participants automatically.

is there a way to do it in the API or in the ZOOM settings?

Hey @it11,

Currently there is no way to manage a Zoom meeting waiting room with the API.

Here is how to manage the waiting room via the Zoom App:


I also have a request similar to above.
Has any support for this been added, or is there any alternative to manually handling the participants?
The manual process can become very tedious for meetings involving hundreds of participants.


Hey @arhamschopra,

No updates on this yet. I agree this would be a great feature. Can you add it as a feature request here: #feature-requests


Have you found any work around?

Have you figured out any other way?

Hey @jhlee111,

Currently, we don’t have another method to manage waiting room participants via the API. If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


has anyone figured out how to do this? with waiting rooms basically mandatory for zoom to be useful those of us having to integrate 3rd party control have no option but to have another ipad / control device in the room just to admit users from the waiting room

Hey @adam4,

I’m not aware of a workaround right now but I’m happy to explore if there are any other options that might work better for your use case. Are you able to elaborate on why waiting rooms are necessary for you and how an API to manage them would help?


Any updates on this? the Zoom Room CLI API allows you to admit wating room participants, but how do you know which participants are in the waiting room?

The list participants command doesn’t seem to have any info on waiting room status, unless it is a unique “event:” value is returned?