Zoom Rooms ZR-CSAPI feature requests

I’m not sure if ZR-CSAPI updates are still being done, but I feel there are several updates that are needed to make third party tools like Extron AV systems successfully work with this (I know the zoom room control side is an alternate way to approach this). It may be these commands already exist since the Zoom Room app can execute these commands and it is not documented yet.

Feature Requests for ZR-CSAPI additions:

  • Security features access: Allow Content Sharing
  • Detailed wait list management (this exists now to some level)
  • Recording enabled in non-scheduled meeting by allowing for the entry of email addresses into the CLI
  • Better stability when switching between Zoom Room App and third party apps (allow for at least two concurrent sessions so the zoom room web controls always work)
  • Live Transcription On/Off option
  • Chat functionality
  • General bug fix for when ZR-CSAPI stops reporting data

I did get notice from Zoom stating the ZR-CSAPI has been considered not supported and deprecated for a while now even though deployments still continue as of today utilizing the ZR-CSAPI. I get it that the ZR-CSAPI can break the user experience for Zoom if poorly programmed and not updated, but by default ZR-CSAPI is already limited and isn’t allowed to access all of a Zoom Room’s functionality.

There are no real AV control system alternatives for complex room systems as Zoom is still recommending against using Zoom Room Controls for complex systems so the ZR-CSAPI should still be a viable platform for a few more years (not all control systems can even use JWT tokens, and even JWT Token usage is being deprecated).