Zoom sample-web-app "Signature is invalid" 3712 error code

Hi, I am getting 3712 error code.
I am using a sample-web-app, which is running Local at
I input into index.js API_KEY and API_SECRET generated from JWT

Signature is invalid (3712)

Which version?
I am using latest version: 1.8.5 (downloaded on 1/8/2020)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
npm install
npm run start
go to
input meeting id (no spaces) and meeting password
press “Join”

Device (please complete the following information):
Mac OS
Latest Chrome version

Sorry, being a software engineer for 20 years, let me paste here strings so someone would not have to get it from a screenshot :slight_smile:

Hey @wizard_files3 ,

The API Key you used to generate the Web SDK signature is not the same API Key that you shared.

Double check you are using a JWT App API Key and Secret to generate the Web SDK signature. :slight_smile:


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