Zoom video quality

Hi guys, i work in the event business. About a year ago we choose Zoom because of all the great options it had above the other conferencing tools. We offer technical support (camera, video, presentations etc.) to a lot of our business customers. We use a multi camera setup in a hybrid event and use Zoom to ‘stream’ this and make the meeting interactive, in stead of livestreaming. The last 2 of 3 months we have a noticed a large decline in video-quality -whilst we are using same equipment. The quality is so poor that we started to question ourselves whether it is even usefull for us. Can you help me out with some answers? Kind regards, Arjan

Hi @improve, thanks for using Zoom.

It appears that you are asking about the Zoom client. This forum is meant only to assist developers who are integrating our SDKs into their own applications. For help with the Zoom client, please visit our general support page. :slightly_smiling_face: