Zoom Video SDK | Screen view with Black video recorded

Hi Team,

For users who has taken exam on 11-August-2023 and 27-August-2023, black Shared Screen video has been recorded for 15 min :18 secs which is of size 16MB and 01 hr:06 min: 20 secs which is of size 71 MB.

Topic Name : Topic 8/11/2023 10:54:15 AM
Session ID : oL3dIP6CTo2K+uXvlUKZrA==

Topic Name : Topic 8/27/2023 6:58:44 PM
Session ID : alJiorFzQSSba+zyZnhOog==

We should not be getting black videos recorded either in Speaker view or Screen Shared video as this is major issue. We are allowing the user to take only after the screen is shared and user video has started. There should be some notification popped up back, so that further action can be taken by the integration partners.

Could you please check in which scenario the black screen video gets recorded and resolve on priority?

Earlier also we had raised similar issue. Find the link: Zoom Video SDK | Screen view recorded with Black video

Kindly do the needful on this issue ASAP.


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