Zoom Web Embed is Hit or Miss

I am having a few different issues and some hit or miss issues with the iFrame embed.

Last week I attempted to use the Web SDK with both the Web Client and Web Component and had a mixture of issues with both.

For the Web Client, it was easier to get to a semi-functional state. Signature generation worked perfectly. The issues arose when I got to the registration screen, where the email inputs were both disabled, always. You couldn’t register for the event. I was able to test further though having the host logged in as it bypassed the registration. Then it wouldn’t let me use computer audio, which is a no-go. Need to be able to allow users to join meetings via the browser. It wasn’t that it was erroring or anything, it just wasn’t an option. When looking through the forums, I found where mention to use an iFrame instead (though I can’t seem to find it now). I did have “isSupportAV” set to true as well.

A reference screenshot for the registration issue:

For the Web Component, it worked until generating a signature. I used the exact same method I used for the web client, changed nothing on the PHP side for it, and it always said invalid signature. I tested with both SDK App Key and JWT App key (JWT worked perfectly fine on the Web client). I’ve read over the documentation multiple times, nothing shows that signature generation is different as it all references the same documentation pages and signature app example. So not really sure what I am doing wrong.

Because of these issues, I turned to the iFrame solution, which worked perfectly until today. I was able to access the course via the browser in the iframe with both the host and a registered user. Now, only the host.

When on the host, I will see this:

When I am a registered user, it’s just stuck on this screen:

These events are registered through the API and that works just fine. Though, every time I access the meeting through the SDK or the iFrame, it makes me register and over again even thought I am already registered. It also doesn’t show in my accounts meetings.

Meeting is for May 10

Registrants for the meeting:

Meetings calendar for anthony@aenow.com for May 9 to May 11:

Browser Console Error
There aren’t any error issues specifically with the iframe or the web client. Just see invalid signature with the web component.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
Exactly what you provide in your documentation for PHP. I can provide if needed.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Can be noted from my detailing of the information.

Scattered throughout my detailing of the information.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Devices: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Windows Desktop
  • Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Safari

Additional context

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